Presently the Nasirabad Cantonment Area is divided into eight wards. The electorate from these eight wards elect their representative for the Board. According to the Cantonment Act 2006 the elected member's term in office shall be five years. Among these eight elected members one member will be elected amongst them as the Vice-President of the Board.

Ex-officio & Nominated Members

1. Brig. Rajiv Chauhan President
2. Sh. H.S. Meena (C.E.O.) Member-Secretary
3. Brig. G. Himashree (S.E.M.O.) Ex-officio Member
4. Major A.S. Jha (G.E.) Ex-officio Member
5. Col. A.K. Karir Nominated Member
6. Col. Ankush Nagyal Nominated Member
7. Col. B.S. Ahluwalia Nominated Member
8. Sh. Abu Sufiyan Chauhan (ADM-II) Nominated Member

Elected Members

1. Sh. Yogesh Soni Vice President
2. Sh. Rohitash Member
3. Sh. Anirudh Member
4. Sh. Ajay Bohara Member
5. Smt. Tarannum Akhtar Member
6. Smt. Anita Member
7. Ku. Seema Member
8. Sh. Shrawan Lal Member



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